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Business Hosting SSD

We have created the perfect technological formula for you to obtain the maximum performance of your linux or windows servers. OpenStack servers (the most popular Cloud platform), HD RAID6 SSD storage and dedicated 2 to 3,2 Ghz vCPUs that will give your projects outstanding performance.

24x7 hours Fully


A sudden increase in visits to your site will no longer leave you offline. Extend or decrease the resources of your cloud servers (storage, RAM, vCPUs) at any time and to the extent that you need it. You will be able to resize them with a few clicks and in the time that it takes a reboot, your site will be prepared to face the worst storms. It also creates your own infrastructure, adding servers and interconnecting them through a private network.




Free Website

We give you a web design responsive completely free for the annual purchase of any of our dedicated servers.


Free Domain

We give you completely a free web domain for the annual purchase of any of our web hosting services

Free Setup!

All our services are totally free of additional charges regarding configurations or installation of system modules when starting service.

e-Commerce Shop

All our systems are optimized for speed and reliability when deploying e-commerce platforms, all with one click!

Free Emails

WHMHosting offers you unlimited corporate emails and we allow you to send up to 6000 free emails daily!

cPanel Control

cPanel makes managing your server easier than ever. Hire us and take advantage of all the features that cPanel has to offer.

frequently asked

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Shared Hosting is an entry-level web hosting product that is both the most popular and the least expensive, often attractive for small and medium businesses, blogs, portfolios and websites with moderate amounts of traffic. With Shared Hosting, multiple websites share a large server and its resources, including storage, bandwidth and disk space. With Shared Hosting, the web host is responsible for all of the server maintenance and upkeep. All of WHMHosting Hosting's Business Hosting plans are Shared Hosting plans.
If you are new to web hosting or are creating a site with low to moderate amounts of traffic, Shared Hosting is likely the best option for you. It is the most affordable web hosting you can buy and will likely have more than enough resources for your site(s) to run quickly and efficiently. As your site grows and you experience increases in traffic and usage, it may be time to move up to Virtual Private Server Hosting, where you are given your own partition of a dedicated server. Finally, if you have a resource-intensive application or a site with a very high amount of traffic, you have the option of upgrading to your own Dedicated Server, which provides you with all of the server's resources and allows you to configure it any way you see fit.
WHMHosting makes it easy for new web developers to get their sites up and off the ground. All of our Business Hosting plans come with Softaculous, an application installer that will allow you to download over 400 applications to help you with your website. These applications include, but are not limited to, Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, Online Marketplaces such as Prestashop, Magento and OpenCart, and many others. Shared Hosting is a perfect environment to develop and hone your programming skills and provides a number of tools for novices.
Yes. WHMHosting offers free website transfers to make sure your site is moved to our servers without any downtime and without losing any of your important data. This applies to website transfers that consist of 3 or fewer cPanel accounts, databases and/or websites. If you have more than 3 accounts, websites or databases, we can still transfer your site over for $10/item transferred. You can also transfer your website yourself, and if you need help we have an extensive Support Center to help walk you through the process.
The number of websites you can host with one account depends on the Business Hosting plan you select. For Launch plans, you will be allotted 5 websites for your account. For Power plans, you can have up to 10 websites. With our Diamond plan, you can host an unlimited number of websites. No hidden fees or surprise charges, just multiple websites for one low price.